Nerea Azanza.jpg

Artist Statement

I call my vision: Art in expansion. I make figurative abstract paintings divided into modules. These figures, reunited in the form of installations, suggest the pieces of a puzzle that I am trying to connect using bold colors compositions and organic precise freehand lines. I want to defy the viewer's credulity in the abstract artistic field. To do so, I paint these high-definition machine-quality lines by hand.


My art is about the instant, an innate rhythm where the apparent complexity gets reduced into a dynamic flow. I try to challenge spatial limitations to show that the world is a whole in movement. The beginning and the end of things always find a point in common. Besides the disruptions and the impermanence, the system shows a capacity for transformation that proves resilience. Everything lives in expansion, differentiated and connected at once.


The study of Japanese aesthetics, the behavior of Mother Nature, and the tribulations of the Human Condition are constant sources of inspiration. Important influences are Joseph Albers, the hard-edge painting movement, the architecture of Zaha Hadid, and the contemporary parametrical design.


I follow an intuitive and experimental artistic process. Without sketch support, each artwork begins with a small image that I gradually expand in space. They acquire a larger scale. It can be a drawn portrait using color pencils, an embroidered black and white photography, or a little collage, that grows through lines on the different modules. I mainly use mixed media water-based techniques on paper, wood, linen, and eco-friendly handcrafted textiles.