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Artist Statement

I call my vision Art in Expansion. Without sketch support, each artwork begins with a little portrait that I transform multiple times and expand in space with modules, giving the painting a larger scale. I am an abstract figurative mixed-media painter working on paper, wood, linen, and handcrafted eco-friendly textiles.


These figures, reunited in the form of installations, suggest the pieces of a puzzle that I connect with organic, precise lines following an intuitive process. I want to defy the viewer's credulity in the abstract field like hyperrealist painters do in the figurative one. With this purpose, I paint high-definition machine-quality lines entirely freehand.


My art is about the instant, an innate rhythm where apparent complexity gets reduced into a dynamic flow. I challenge spatial limitations to show that the world is a whole in motion. Beginning and end find a common ground. Regardless of disruptions and impermanence, our system shows remarkable resilience through transformation. Everything lives in expansion, differentiated and connected at once.


Studying Japanese aesthetics, Mother Nature's behavior and the tribulations of the human condition are my sources of inspiration. Important influences in my visual language are Picasso's portraits, the vibrant color of the hard-edge painting movement, the lines of Chillida, Zaha Hadid, Antoni Gaudi, and contemporary parametric architectural design.

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